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Helping Children go from Sad to Glad in School

Research shows that special education children who get their needs met in school while they are young are:

  • Less likely to drop out
  • More likely to go to college
  • More likely to find stable long term employment as adults

A Child’s Self Image

We recognize that schooling affects a child's self-concept and who s/he will become as an individual. When children with learning disabilities, developmental disabilities, and undiagnosed emotional disorders do not get needed help in school, healthy maturation and learning is inhibited.

ACE is dedicated to helping parents of special needs children plan an appropriate public education designed to create healthy productive future citizens. We achieve our mission by providing parents of special needs children intensive case analysis and support.

We achieve our mission by providing parents with:

  • Intensive case analysis using your child's cumulative school records, work samples, parent interviews combined with a high level of parent-advocate communication and educational and legal research.
  • Developing important issues to be addressed with the school district
  • Negotiation with school districts on behalf of children and parents
  • Explanations of special education rights, procedures, and responsibilities
  • Support for parents by attending 504 or IEP meetings with them
  • Recommendations and options for parents regarding educational needs, including testing, remediation, placement, and services
  • Assistance to become an active decision-maker in special education
  • Facilitating the development of school district based parent-networks
  • Keeping parents informed about OC Legal Alliance Actions and District Approaches to IEPs
  • Helping create change through grass-roots activism

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