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We Help Kids Go From Sad To Glad In School

When you support ACE, you help special education students grow into healthy, happy, educated young men and women.

Donations make a difference. Contributor's directly touch the lives of special education students and their families. There are children attending Southern California schools who can't read, are special education students, and have parents who cannot afford advocacy. You can help!

We give because we want to see children grow into self-sufficient adults. Recently, there was a little girl, whose mother is single and receives no child support, attending a beach area school who could not read nor really understand what is spoken in class. The school was using a reading remediation system that used her ears (her hearing and ability to understand spoken language). This intervention method was the standard one-size-fits-all program all kids were given. However, this little girl had a learning disability that included her ears (auditory processing system). The result was that it was almost impossible for her to benefit from both regular classroom instruction and the one-size-fits-all reading intervention system. This little girl had difficulty understand spoken language. The school never considered that the one-size-fits-all intervention was not appropriate for this child due to her auditory processing deficits.
When the advocate showed up to help the girl's mom during the IEP process, the school had to acknowledge all areas of disability and address the real needs of this girl. With the help of an advocate, this little girl was able to get an assessment from a qualified doctor and eventually get treatment for the auditory processing problems, as well as implementation of a different reading intervention system that the girl could actually benefit from.  Advocacy changed this girl's future because she made reading progress after getting the appropriate services. 
Without your support, there is no way to fund advocates to help a little girl like the one at the beach area school. Girl's like this one may not ever even work for an employer because of a lack of basic literacy skills.  Without your giving, there is no one to help. 

Advocacy changes futures. Please give today. 

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Helping Kids go From Sad to Glad in School